Monday 6 August 2012

3 ghost stories in Changyong elementary school

There are three ghost stories in Changyoung elementary school.

1. The school has wooden floors. The way to clean them is to using candles. The first group of students rubs the floor with candle wax. And then the second group of students scours the waxed floor with pebbles. It is easy to fond pebbles near the train station. At last, the third group of students clean the rest of wax with clothes. The wooden floor is worn down so the edge of the wood is not clean. It is common that the students get the splinter of wood in their fingers while they clean the floor. According to a rummer, a student was dragged by two other students on the floor. At that moment, he got a big splinter in his knee. So he had to cut his leg and no one could see him again. After that accident, students can hear a floorboard creak at 9 o'clock. They think it is a ghost. Children as we were, I and my friends want to hunt the ghost. we sneak in the school. There are some doghouse in the building. Like Korean traditional houses, the houses made of wood have to be built on the ground. First, putting the foundation stone and then laying a wood floor. To make ventilation, there are some holes on the lower part of building. Students can easily break the hole. But now the building's structure might have changed a lot, so I am not sure we can still find the holes. 

2. There was a toilet over there. Now it is gone by the renovation of the building. Students are afraid of going to that toilet because they can hear some sound. Especially, girls cannot go there. There was a rummer that there are someone dumped babies there. Think about the Middle ages. People abandoned babies a lot at that time. Do you know the Yulmock Park near the guest house?  The park used to a crematorium. It was crematorium for Japanese and Chinese, and people dumped their stillborn babies there. Even I have seen them at that time. Therefore it can be true that someone disposed of babies in the toilet. At that time we did not have medical facilities. The mothers cut the umbilical cord with scissors or teeth so they often were infected with tetanus. This is the background of the toilet ghost story.

3. There was a tree next to that building. According to legend, the person who cut the tree accidentally cut the tail of dragon also. So of all days, there was the rain on the day of our picnic. I preyed for not having the rain before the day of our picnic. 

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