Tuesday 31 July 2012

The battle for Wolmi island seen through the eyes of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

Wolmi island (Wolmido) is a small peninsula in the harbor of Incheon. At the moment it houses an amusement park and a big public park. In the 50ies Wolmi was still and island and it played a big role in the Korean war and specifically in the invasion of the North American army.

This 1982 North Korean film directed by Jo Kyong-sun gives a vivid representation of the tragic fate of coastal battery unit that fought to the last man protecting the Wolmi Island in September 1950.

Countering 50,000 troops and over 500 warships of General MacArthur, the North Korean battery commander Li Tae-un and his company men checked the UN landing operation for three days by displaying unprecedented bravery and a high degree of self-sacrificing spirit. This film also depicts the role of women conscripted to participate in the Korean War alongside with men on the frontline and to the rear.

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