Saturday 4 August 2012

The map about redevelopment plan in Incheon area. 

What is old and new, and how many local habitants want their town to be redeveloped?

8.03.2012 Joris, Sangsup, Gwangsig, Narea, Saem and I participated in the meeting of local people in Yulgokdong.

 One of old ladies talked about "city and rural."
"The place where I had lived was rural and then 10 years ago, I moved to Incheon. This is not a rural area comparing with the place where I came from but it is a country comparing with Seoul."

The one of reasons to pursue redevelopment project is to make the town into new town which looks like a city.

The distinction of city and rural is a relative concept. 
In Eastern culture, people regard the agriculture as the main source to get the power and money. So the town should be very close to the farms. So there is no clear distinction between city and country side.
However, in Western culture, people used to divide urban settlement and rural settlement.
Therefore the city VS rural is not the original concept in Eastern.  

The modernization-the emergence of industry as well as division of labor-brought the individuality.
People consider that the separation is an important value such as privacy or quality alone time.
Of course, the industrialization had started in Western first, and then has spread to other countries.
The process of industrialization is not only about changing the economic system but also altering the way of life (the place where people live).

There was a new concept of living-apartment.

People from rural areas are moving to cities  as a result of urbanization and industrialization. The demand for housing is along with the increase of migration.

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